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I'm Muhammad Deen (MD) and I'm a sport & performance 

psychology consultant. 

I originally hail from the UK  but I now operate internationally.

I support performers to enhance their performances ,

well-being, and personal development. I've been fortunate to

have gathered a lot of experience, supporting those who have

just entered sport, all the way up to the Olympic level - and even

in the corporate settings too. 


I was involved in many sports since a young age but started

playing badminton at the age of 16. After initial success, I found

myself overwhelmed when I entered new settings and new levels.

It was my own mindset that held me back. Once I realised this,

that was all the motivation I needed to get me started, and since 

then I have committed myself to understanding the functions of

the mind, the all-important role it plays in performance, 

and how best it can be trained so that performers

can deliver excellence when it counts.


I've provided psychological support and expertise in a lot of

different sports, such as: athletics, triathlon, football, climbing,

cycling, weightlifting, ice skating, badminton, squash, wushu, 

and sailing.

The lessons learnt in elite sport can be transferred easily to

corporate settings too, and high-performing corporate individuals

are indeed "corporate athletes". It's still a high-performance 

setting and this is a growing & developing part of the work that I do.


Welcome to MD Performance Psychology. Please take a look 

around to see the main features here which include:

- all of the services that I offer

- a history of the clientele I've worked with

- media section and portal to other platforms

- weekly blog about all things performance & psychology

- free tools to use so you can maximise your performance


I am an evidence-based practitioner and this means that I engage with the latest research across the world and use this to inform my practice. I trust well-researched  techniques and methods, as the work that I do; is science. Using my own tailored forms of delivery and programme design, I'll work to ensure the quality in what I deliver so that you can benefit to the absolute maximum. 

Every individual is just that, an individual - and a highly unique one at that. And any organisation is a living and breathing organism. I tailor my services around the client, to fit the context and the culture so I can give the highest impact, to service what YOU need. I work to see where the gaps are and look to close these in the best possible ways.

So whether you're a casual participant in sport, a semi-professional, a full-time athlete, a student, a coach a parent, a teacher, or even an HR manager - I believe that performance psychology can always be applied to enhance the output and experiences you have!

Take a look at the services I offer, and get in touch with me today. I'll get back to you with an honest answer as to what can be done, and we can take it from there. 




Thriving under pressure

Fostering motivation

Building confidence for performance

Essenial mental skills (5 core techniques)

Building awareness of

mental aspects to performance

Acquiring sport-specific skills using psychology

Enhancing and using the mind-body connection

Toegetherness and collective performance in teams 

Developing a performance culture


Overall Well-being

Mental Health awareness & actions

Personalised emotion control models

Identity clarification and growth of

the person behind the performer

Sleep as a pillar of health

Symptoms of non-clinical anxiety

Symptoms of non-clinical depression

Resilience and growing from adversity

Rebuilding passion from burnout

Social support networks


Personal Growth & Development

(Performance Lifestyle)

Positive youth development

Learning life skills

Thriving in dual-careers

Succeeding as a student-athlete

Enhancing psychological resilience

Transitioning through age groups in sport

Transitioning out of sport at the end of career

Developing communication skills


Managing dual-careers

Footnote: Although I have some limited knowledge at the non-clinical level - I am not a clinical psychologist, nor have I received clinical training. Should your needs be beyond my competence you will be referred to someone who else who is educated, trained, and fully competent to suppoort you immediately. 


I am officially a sport and exercise psychologist in training, which means that I am undergoing a rigorous supervision and examination period with the British Association of Sport & Exercise Sciences.

This is to ensure safe and ethical practice and is highly valuable accreditation and qualification within my field and role.

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