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Clients' confidentiality is so important, so I won't be outwardly naming specific clients who haven't made that knowledge public themselves by their own will. But here's an overview of some of the work I've done to date.

Head-hunted for a full-time psychology consultant position in the run up to the Olympics 202One in TOKYO, present at the Olympic Games as sport psychology officer

Experiences travelling with teams and squads to national and international competition and camps

Invited as a repeat guest consultant and psychology expert to a continental level football organisation 

Psychology support to 13 National Sports Associations, including traditional sports and emerging sports

Designated partner to an athlete sports manager/agency with clients in Europe and North America

Repeat guest performance psychology consultant to an online health platform working within public health and corporate sectors

Dozens of elite and sub-elite athletes, from new entry to sport all the way to Olympic level (including multi-event & major games medallists). Consultation extended to coaches and families as well to holistically support athletes

Experience gained with varying cultures including Europe, South Asia, South East Asia, and North America

Invited guest consultant to a Navy-based training camp for athletes

Invited guest consultant to a national sports school developing world-class junior athletes

Intern at a national youth sports school observing other sport psychologists before working independently

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