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Why accountability is key to success

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Go the oxford dictionary and search up "accountability" - what you'll this.

'Accountability' noun " the fact of being responsible for your decisions or actions and expected to explain them when you are asked"

Doesn't look like anything special, until a closer look is taken. Responsible, decisions, actions, explanation. Which means "I decided to do something, for a certain reason, this was the outcome, and this is what I learnt".

Losing accountability, or not taking accountability is a dangerous habit to get into. As simple as the definition is, all too often we find others, and ourselves non-accountable for things that happen. When things go wrong, and we blame everything else but ourselves, what we are really saying is "I played no role in this unfortunate thing happening". So, by removing ourselves as part of the formula that created the problem, we automatically remove ourselves from the formula that creates the solution as well.

Being accountable isn't easy. It can be difficult to admit to others, and more importantly even more difficult to admit to ourselves. But, once we do, and we reflect, and we work out what WE DID in certain situations, and recognise what happened as a result of those actions and decisions - we will grow. And more growth will always mean more success.

Let's stay accountable, and become the solutions we need!

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