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The bread and butter

The individual consultation is the space where myself and a client can work through individual performance and well-being gaps. Highly effective due to their specific nature, your questions will be answered and your psychological skills and awareness will be developed to get you where you want to be.


  • Distinguishing your specific needs in your mentality and psychology

  • Setting individual action plans for your performance and well-being

  • Psychological monitoring to check your progress, including performance data



There's three sides on a triangle

Performance isn't just about the individual performing. It requires the shared investment of a number of very important stakeholders, such as team mates, parents and coaches.Together, I can facilitate sessions with your units and make sure the right conversations are being held, and this allows for solid cohesion and action plans.


  • Enhance the team network and roles

  • Prepare the unit for the upcoming events

  • Uniting goals and strategies to plan

  • Getting the unit to be more efficient, cohesive, and powerful



Reaching the masses

This option is perfect for large groups where interactive sessions can be given. These sessions are not lectures, but you will learn about a selected topic through application, discussion, activities, and presentations. This is a great way to present knowledge to any audience.


  • providing a foundation and awareness on important topics in psychology

  • get you thinking, and talking

  • guided practice of techniques

  • group psychological monitoring and advanced topics


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Let's take it to the stadium

Being able to study and observe performers performing is integral in the work that I do. It's a lot about bridging-the-gap between discussions & planning, to executing and application. 


  • Transferring psychology into the arena

  • Observing behaviours and pivotal contextual data

  • Assessing performances and evaluating critical performance elements 

  • To facilitate a productive environment​

  • Providing "nudges" and extra support


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Being there when it matters

Mental factors are often make or break performances so it needs to be ensured that it's at the peak level when you need it to be.

I am able to provide this support at the critical moments.


  • Being available at camps or competitions 

  • Priming and de-brief consultations to prepare and reflect on performances

  • Providing much needed support during highly stressful situations


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Something for everything else

There'll always be occasions when something something different is needed, and I am open to lecturing, giving interviews, writing articles and much more. Any request can be made and I'll take the time to consider it.


I am passionate about conducting research too, as I know how important it is to inform the best practice.

Just drop me a message and I'll get back to you to explore what can be done.

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